Testing Your TV Remote With A Smartphone Camera

If you need to verify that your infrared remote control is working, you can use your smartphone camera!

Most TV and gadget remotes use infrared light to send signals to the receiver on the TV or other device. Human eyes don't see in the infrared, so you can't really tell just by looking if the remote is actually "sending" any signals when you press a button.

However, a smartphone camera can see infrared - so you can point your remote at the smartphone and will be able to see any signals via the smartphone camera - it won't hurt the smartphone. In other words use you phones camera to "look" at the remote and "see" if it's working as expected.

No blinking lights would mean either the remote's batteries are dead, or the remote itself is kaput.

This "trick" should also work with most digital cameras including webcams.

You're welcome!

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