Remember This? RCA SelectaVision VideoDiscs

This is a pretty weird one from the 1980's, and it never really caught on in a big way. CED (Capacitance Electronic Disk) was a video disk format that used a vinyl disk (like a vinyl album or '45 from back in the day). The vinyl disk was read by an actual stylus, also like the contemporary record player.

Video quality was similar to the popular VHS format of the time, and the CED was known in the USA under the RCA SelectaVision VideoDisc system in the first half of the 1980's. The disks themselves were quite delicate and would wear out over time. They were encased in a caddy mechanism to help avoid actually handling the disk surface.

The 12 inch disks were double-sided and could contain a little over 60 minutes per side in the US NTSC video format, another 10 minutes or so eash side if using the PAL video format.

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