Baby Boomers Are Horrible, Greedy And Selfish

If you are a baby boomer, you may be a little shocked or offended  by the title of this post, but it is a growing sentiment, apparently quite firmly held by a lot of younger people these days. Twitter is rife with it, as are other social media portals - a lot of calls for "us" to just die already and get out of the way so that the cleanup can begin.

This is the gist of the admonition, from JimTankersly in the Washington Post:
Boomers soaked up a lot of economic opportunity without bothering to preserve much for the generations to come. They burned a lot of cheap fossil fuels, filled the atmosphere with heat-trapping gases, and will probably never pay the costs of averting catastrophic climate change or helping their grandchildren adapt to a warmer world. 

If anyone deserves to pay more to shore up the federal safety net, either through higher taxes or lower benefits, it’s boomers — the generation that was born into some of the strongest job growth in the history of America, gobbled up the best parts, and left its children and grandchildren with some bones to pick through and a big bill to pay.
Without trying to sound trite, I was not aware that I was part of that ghastly-sounding movement, but that seems to be the consensus among non-boomers. Personally, those sort of blanket statements are as offensive to me as "Black people are..." or "Mexicans are...", or "Jews are..." (insert well known pejoratives).

National Review 

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