Believe It Or Not, Greatest American Hero Is Coming Back

I'm sorry, but I have a soft spot for "The Greatest American Hero", and the goofy early 80's superhero show looks like it is coming back to the airwaves. The latest in the ongoing reboot/remake mania that has taken over in the past decade or so is actually something that actually interests me, and I hope it will capture a bit of the flavor of the original.

After a rather effective pilot episode, which was quite dramatic as well as funny, the series ran for three seasons and featured Ralph, the teacher/very reluctant superhero and his FBI partner Bill along with Ralph's mostly-kept-in-the-dark lawyer friend Pam.

A super suit left as a gift by space aliens allows Ralph to fly (haphazardly) and perform other super-feats, although Ralph lost the instruction manual for the suit and so is never quite sure what he can do or how to do it. This leads to a lot of the comedy, with Ralph flying into things, breaking things with super strength or disappearing unexpectedly.

The show varied in tone over the seasons, becoming perhaps more of a strictly kid's show towards the end of it's run, so it will be interesting to see what kind of note the new shows hit. As I said, the original pilot had some pretty dramatic parts, with Bill's murdered partner appearing after being reanimated by the aliens who then left the suit, so who knows?

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