Google Search Alternatives

Over the last several years, "Google" has come to be synonymous with "Internet search" in the same way one would ask for a "Kleenex" when you need a tissue; you also may Google a subject. The are alternative search engines though, and although Google has built an impressive reputation, others may have something offer as well.

If you are squirrelly about being tracked as you meander around the 'Web, you may find some solace by using alternatives searches like StartPage and DuckDuckGo. For the record, I typically use StartPage as my default search engine, and use Google most times for technical queries.

Microsoft's Bing actually provides search results largely on par with Google a lot of the time (and also for the search engine basis for Yahoo's search engine too). In particular, Bing's video search is reputedly quite good. Lifehacker has a side-by-side comparison between Google and Bing in particular.

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