Sifting Through The Technobabble When Buying A TV

Many times when you try to purchase a piece of technology - even something as common as a TV - you may get the feeling that the website or salesperson is using another language; you end up not being sure what you are buying (or even what you need). Technology loves the "TLA" (three-letter acronym), and TVs are no exception. 
With the holidays fast approaching you may contemplating upgrading the TV at your home, and the good folks at LifeHacker have a handy-dandy guide to the technological terms surrounding the contemporary TV.
Here's our first bit of advice before we jump into the terminology: While it certainly helps to know the lingo, don't underestimate the value of your own eyes when it comes to choosing a TV with the best picture quality (just don't forget to reset the absurdly high brightness settings to something more appropriate for your living room once you get it home.)

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