Windows 10 And The November Privacy End Run *Updated*

Windows 10 started off badly, with a lot of concern over how it implemented tracking of several areas of the operating system - and consequently it's users. People who paid attention and were concerned enough could turn of many, if not all, of these "telemetry" options and some gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt - after all, Apple and Google do a fair bit of snooping too.

With the Fall upgrade - aka Threshold 2 - it looked like Microsoft had listened and dialed back the most intrusive monitoring. But no. They turned back on some of the options users had turned off, and simply renamed the core monitoring component to something else.
Even sneakier is, in being renamed, Microsoft also reset users preferences. Those who dug deep into the Windows 10 registry to disable DiagTrack will find it has been re-enabled now it is called the Connected User Experiences and Telemetry Service. Yes, tracking is back and without any warning and your preferences were irrelevant.
You can still manually turn things off though, although this is starting to seem like a game of whack-a-mole.

UPDATE Now Microsoft has pulled the Threshold 2 update saying the settings changes were an inadvertent mistake on their part.


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