Aging Disgracefully

One occasionally runs into a little episode that causes one to wonder "Am I getting feeble-minded or what?". Earlier this year, my visiting daughter had purchased a set of replacement wiper blades for her car, and asked me if I could install them. "Sure" I said, glad to still be of some use to her. Some 45 minutes and several YouTube videos later, I sheepishly gave up on this apparently simple task.

I won't be melodramatic and say I felt crushed by my failure, but it was a wee bit humiliating. Later that day, she got the store to install them  - and apparently it took them a little while too, which made me feel only marginally better. 

I consider myself reasonably handy and can usually figure out solutions to mechanical things, but this fiendish combination of plastic adapters and less-than-obvious pictographic instructions had me well and truly beaten.

As I can still fix computers (my bread and butter), I am hoping it's just car technology in general that has gotten away from me, and indeed modern vehicles seem to be built to resist any kind of intervention by do-it-yourselfers.

Just open the hood and you are usually greeted by a big plastic cover over the engine that screams "Nothing to see here, move along!"

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John D Carmack said...

Is it really just technology, though? It seems like you have to carry around a pair of scissors just to open some packages any more. Those stupid "clam shells" that are sealed together all away around are just the start. Then there are various things in plastic that probably would be easier to open if they actually had a notch where it says "open here" or actually had a red line along the place where it really opens.

Then, don't get me started on opening pill bottles of pain medications that actually give you a worse headache trying to open them.