An Experiment In Cord Cutting - Step One

We are undergoing some "cord cutting" at our home, mostly as a money saver. Stage one was to drop our telephone land line for a wireless phone hub, halving our monthly phone bill (we don't use the phone much anyway, it's mostly there just to have a "home phone number").

StraightTalk has an interesting deal - a free (refurbished) wireless home phone hub, and a no contract plan with unlimited minutes - there is also another plan if you need to make international calls. This is a replacement for a land line, you use it with your existing phone device(s).

When the current limited time free offer concludes, there are two other wireless hubs available costing around $50 and $100 respectively. That's a one-time hardware charge, plus the monthly plan cost.

The wireless phone hub device itself is very much plug and play, and we have a decent wireless signal at our suburban home, according to the indicators on the device. Phone call quality is fine so far; perhaps a little more "muddy" than our former landline, but quite acceptable - no cutting in and out.

The device also has a built-in battery back up, so that it will continue to work for a couple of hours in the event of a power outage.

For various reasons, we chose to go with the new telephone number provided, but you can also port an existing number over to the new system. There is no additional charge but in my experience, porting can take a few hours or a few days.

Step two will be dropping our cable TV and going to a streaming service (or services), so stay tuned.

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