Force Awakens Navel Gazing Is Tiresome

My word, there is a LOT of navel-gazing over the latest movie in the Star Wars saga, the Force Awakens. I understand that a huge and intricately-detailed universe has grown up around the property since the first movie was released in 1977. I also understand that the word "fan" is short for "fanatic", and that many fans are deeply invested in the Star Wars mythos.

But good lord, folks, it's meant to be a fun, emotional experience for a broad audience of movie-goers, and it has scored a bullseye in that regard. The dissection of the movie and the story was inevitable I suppose, but the carping and nitpicking look pretty silly compared to the box office returns, and more importantly, the great word-of-mouth the movie is generating.

It's Star Wars; it's not meant to be compared to a Scorsese, Bergman or Truffaut movie - sorry, "film". Nor is it a bloated live-action cartoon cash grab for 8 year-olds, like the prequels appeared to be.

Can't we just enjoy the movie for what it is, the reintroduction of a well-loved "goodies" vs "baddies" action fantasy set on alien worlds  "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."?

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