Google "Gravely Disappointed" At California's Self-Drive Car Draft Rules

California has come up with a draft set of rules for self-driving cars in that state, and Google is apparently not too happy about them. Google is one of the companies working towards (and already testing) a viable self-drive personal vehicle, which is being touted as the Next Big Thing by many.

As California is a large, important state it will likely have some influence on other states' preparations to handle self-drive cars. Although since Google is a large, important company based in CA, one wonders if they have an "in" and may be able to bring future legislation around more to their liking?

The first draft rules, released Wednesday by the state Department of Motor Vehicles, aims to address the thorny questions involving autonomous vehicles around licensing, registration, certification, safety—even cybersecurity and privacy. In the process, the DMV has placed strict limits on the emerging technology and angered companies hoping to profit from it.

Google's self-drive prototype vehicle

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