Marine's Robotic Mule To Be Taken Out Back

That four-legged robotic critter we have seen being jostled and kicked in videos the past few years is simply too noisy to be a practical help for our Marines as was originally intended. The $42 million contract is being shelved, and the Marines will continue to carry their own stuff as before.
The Legged Squad Support System (LS3) was created to carry heavy equipment for the Marines during marches, bearing a load of up to 400 pounds (180kg). This would have provided much-needed relief for the fighters: the average soldier is supposed to carry no more than 72 pounds (32kg) when marching and 48 pounds (22kg) when fighting, but paratroopers fighting in Iraq in 2003 carried up to 101 pounds (46kg).

Image from Slashgear

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