Sun-Sucking Solar Farms? Not In Our Back Yard!

The vast area between the US East and West coasts is often described as "flyover country", and is typically characterized as populated by rednecks, rubes and hillbillies, where they fortuitously happen to grow a lot of the food the rest of the country eats. The real smart Americans (politicians, bankers, movie makers) live on the coasts, of course.

As a resident of flyover country myself, I hope that the article referred to below is either a flat out satire (which I don't think it is, in this case), or else has just been grossly misrepresented in some way. As it is, it already drips with contempt. If it is real and correct, I may need to move to one of the coasts...[emphasis mine]
The citizens of Woodland, N.C. have spoken loud and clear: They don't want none of them highfalutin solar panels in their good town. They scare off the kids. "All the young people are going to move out," warned Bobby Mann, a local resident concerned about the future of his burg. Worse, Mann said, the solar panels would suck up all the energy from the Sun.

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