Yahoo! Feeling A Bit Woozy, Needs To Sit Down

My oldest surviving webmail account is one from Yahoo! and those of us who were there at the start of this whole Internet thing may feel a slight pang that one of the building blocks of the World Wide Web is down on it's luck, and looking to spin off its core web business.
The once-mighty trailblazer, founded in 1995 by Stanford University students Jerry Yang and David Filo, is one of the last independent titans of the early Internet. In June, AOL, which helped many people get onto the Internet for the first time through its early dial-up service, was bought by Verizon. Also now just memories of that earlier era are Netscape, Napster and many of the other services that taught us, while stabbing in the dark, how to surf, listen and live online. Yahoo was once the brightest star of the bunch.


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