Cutting The Cord In 3,2,1...

Only a few days remain before the Oldgoat household completely drops our current Internet/Phone/Cable service, and goes to an Internet-only provider, with alternatives for phone and TV. Our goals were to save money and to also try to get away from long-term contracts as much as possible.

So far, we are running "in tandem" - both setups are working - and it's looking pretty good. We have the home phone covered by StraightTalk's home phone service, which is a monthly-by-month contract using a cell phone network. The StraightTalk phone system has worked fine for about 6 weeks now, no issues thus far.

We also purchased a Roku 2, and have another Internet service set up. We have signed up with Sling TV as our "main" TV provider. Sling TV is also a month-by-month service, and offers various levels of programming. It's interesting in that while it is a streaming service like Netflix, it also streams live TV channels like AMC, DIY, HGTV, etc.

There are times when Sling TV drops out, but it seems to be infrequent and momentary. It does appear to be a Sling TV issue rather than our new Internet connection, as other streaming channels don't seem to have that problem. Whether that becomes a major annoyance after we *only* have Sling TV available remains to be seen.

We are also close enough to a Metro area that we can receive local HDTV broadcasts using "rabbit ears", so that allows some more flexibility (and more TV channels).

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