Cutting The Cord - Post Mortem

Our switch to streaming TV is complete, and after a few weeks, I can offer some thoughts on the process and the aftermath:

Do we miss "regular" TV? Hmm, truthfully, a little - but I suspect only because of years of habit. It's really not a big deal. Sling TV is similar enough to cable TV that it's not a huge disruption.

Was it a big hassle? No, not really - the equipment and contracts for the various services were straightforward to set up.

Does everything work as expected? Yes. The only technical issue I have noticed is that Sling TV can drop out briefly every once in a while, but quickly recovers. Other streaming apps are fine. The cell-based home phone service from StraightTalk works fine.

What are the upsides? The two main goals we had we to save money and try to get away from long-term contracts and be at the mercy of a single provider, which we did. We are paying less that half of what we were each month, and still have a home phone, TV and Internet service.

What are the downsides? We went from having 3 TVs that had cable TV to one that has streaming and broadcast channels. The little (old) TV in the bedroom is now essentially obsolete, as it has no digital tuner, and so can't receive local broadcasts. The TV in our basement area was seldom used for regular TV anyway, so that is somewhat moot.

What about sports? Well, I am not a big sports watcher, although we will miss some baseball when the season starts. We still have access to regular local broadcast channels, so sports on CBS, NBC, ABC, etc will be available. Also, Sling TV has a couple of ESPN channels. 

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