Now We Have 8K TV's

Electronics giant LG is introducing an 8K TV set, while most of us are wondering about so-called 4K sets. Ah yes, the hardware revolving door is spinning away nicely, thank you very much. The 4K/8K name refers to the horizontal resolution of the display - essentially a larger number suggests a "better" (more detailed, sharper, clearer) image shown on the TV.

All this assumes you have the money, the quality source video and the ability to discern the difference. Bear in mind, this jaundiced view comes from an old skinflint who is perfectly comfortable with a 5-year-old 720P HD flat screen TV (that's right, not even "full" HD).

This is a long-held position of mine; I have always enjoyed new technology up to a certain level, and then start "tuning out" when it starts getting silly - a new iPhone model every year, and I have to get it as soon as it arrives? Er, no thanks.

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