Windows 8 - No More Security Updates After Jan 12, 2016

Windows 8 will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft after today, Tuesday  January 12, 2016.

"Now, wait a second" I hear you say "Windows 8 is only a few years old - what gives? Is this some new Scrooge policy from "Microshaft"!?"

Not really. True, Windows 8 is only 3 years old, but Microsoft considers Windows 8.1 the currently supported version of the Windows 8 family. If you already have Windows 8.1, everything is peachy keen, no worries.

If you allow the normal Windows update process, you probably already have Windows 8.1 - you can check by holding down the "Windows" key on your keyboard and pressing the "Pause/Break" key. At the top of that screen, it will tell you the running version of Windows.

If you do still have Windows 8, see here to upgrade to Windows 8.1 (free). 

Or you could upgrade to Windows 10 (also still free).

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