How Old Is An Old Boomer?

US baby boomers - generally accepted to be people born from 1946 through 1964 - started hitting the long accepted retirement age of 65 in 2011. The traditional path to retirement and the perception of being old has changed, though.
Boomers don’t consider themselves old until around 72 years of age, claimed a Pew Research Center study. And most long-held culturally and historically embedded notions about how to retire are quickly becoming outdated.

Many are therefore not retiring in the numbers one might expect, for social, cultural and financial reasons. Many of us either don't feel that they are "old" quite yet, or believe that keeping a job or at least keeping more active will give a better quality of life, or else simply find they cannot afford to retire yet when the rubber hits the road.

The latter may be because retirement planning was insufficient, or they have ongoing medical or other expenses, or even that they don't want to give up the lifestyle they have been accustomed too.

Unfortunately, I suspect the younger generations generally believe the last reason, hence a lot of the surprising vitriolic comments one reads on social media (no, don't seek it out if you are a boomer, you will only become upset).


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