Linux Mint Hacked

It was announced that the official download site for Linux Mint was hacked, causing unwitting downloaders to get a hold of an infected install DVD image. Wouldn't you know it, I just downloaded a new ISO (disk image file) of Linux Mint on February 20th, the day the hacked version appeared.

Linux Mint is an alternative computer operating system, and is very popular among enthusiasts. The "Cinnamon" version (referring to the look and feel of the desktop environment) was the only version that was affected on this occasion. I had fortunately downloaded a different version (although I have used the Cinnamon version previously - I try different Linux versions fairly often).

The whole thing is pretty unsettling and upsetting; it just goes to show how vulnerable anything can be to hacking. When one can go to the official Mint web site and can still be led to download an installation file that has been tampered with, that's A Big Deal.

The Mint site is currently down, pending investigation and cleanup.

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