Photobombing Horse Owner Says Neigh To Selfie Winners

Ah, technology. Photobombing occurs when something humorous (or sometimes gross) occurs in an otherwise normal photo - a kid picking their nose in the background, an animal doing something unexpected, someone falling off a bicycle, that sort of thing.

In this case, a father and son took a selfie with a horse in the background, and the horse is apparently yucking it up - a pretty cute sort of photobomb. So cute, in fact, that the selfie won a prize - and now the horse owner is somehow miffed over the prize money, or the fact that the horse's photo was taken without permission, or something.

Really? Life is way too short for this, people.
"I never thought of asking anyone for consent for the horse," Bellis [the Dad and photographer] said. "It was clearly viewable from the road, so why would I? I just don't understand it at all."

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