Roku Screen Mirroring

As a newcomer to the (tiny) Roku 2 streaming device, I am still fiddling with it and finding neat things. There is a lot of good stuff contained in that small package. For example, you can plug in a USB stick containing movies, music, etc on it and play them back on your TV via the Roku's media player.

Another interesting feature I just tried is "screen mirroring", which allows you wirelessly display the screen of your compatible Android or Microsoft device to your TV via the Roku. It's a slick way to share photos or movies you may have on your mobile device from the TV, rather than have two or three people squinting  over your shoulder.

The feature is buried under the system settings on the Roku, and is considered to be in "beta" (meaning it's still somewhat experimental) but it worked very well with my 2014 Nexus 7 tablet - at least for a time.

There may be a memory leak or somesuch, as after about 30 mins of streaming video, the Roku started falling behind, stuttering, etc. and I actually had to restart it to recover. My MotoG phone does not appear to have the feature available, it seems to be a part of "stock" Android devices.

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