Things To Come: Your New Car In 2020

Your new car in 2020 will be more evolutionary that revolutionary - no flying! It likely will not drive itself all the time either, but it will probably be able to drive itself some of the time - sort of like an advanced form of cruise control. Certainly there will be other automated features like automatic breaking in emergency situations, things that we are starting to see now.

Your new car will certainly be "smarter", more connected and more green. For example, Ford is looking into driver monitoring so that help would be available for drivers who may become incapacitated - and not just as the result of a road accident, such as with GM's existing OnStar system.
Head-Up Display systems were developed for the military decades ago, allowing pilots to see vital information projected first onto a screen and subsequently onto their visor. The tech has since made its way into some cars in limited form. By 2020, active glass will display sharp images such as upcoming traffic signs and even sat-nav directions.
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