Old Actors Never Die, They Start Selling Reverse Mortgages

We have probably all seen the TV commercials for various products aimed at aging Baby Boomers and retirees featuring former (or sometimes current) TV actors - and sometimes even movie actors. I marvel at how my reactions to these types of appearances have changed just over the last five or ten years.

Previously, I felt a dose of pitying indifference, mixed with a sort of cruel curiosity - "Oh, look at him, he looks ghastly"! It seemed to me to be a parade of semi has-beens eking out some more retirement money by shilling for medical devices, financial plans, retirement villages, whatever - you know the drill.

Some years later as I see a similar parade, and while I have a similar initial reaction, I also feel a bit of sneaking admiration for these seasoned performers because they actually did manage to parlay whatever past successes they had into something tangible, even in this day and age. "Good for them!" I hear myself saying under my breath.


Robert Wagner gettin' it done

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