Weeding By Robot

The great thing about software is that you can write it to work in many different areas, and similarly robots (hardware run by software) can be built and programmed to perform many different tasks. This flexibility sometimes leads to unlikely-sounding parings, like a robotic weeder that can very quickly identify and process weeds without the need for weed killing chemicals.

German company Bosch has created the BoniRob, a motorized device that scours the fields for weeds, and uses Artificial Intelligence to help it learn as it goes.
When it travels through a field in search of weeds, it uses a device about 1 cm (0.4 inches) wide to stamp undesired plants into the ground.

No doubt, the machine could revolutionize the future of agriculture as it removes the need for modern farmers to rely upon herbicides to control weeds, reports Quartz. In fact, BoniRob is capable of killing nearly two weeds a second. Its accuracy is also uncanny.


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