3D TV Feeling Poorly, Needs To Sit For A Minute

3D TV is not dead, but it's definitely feeling a bit woozy. 3D sets are still expensive, there is not much content to actually watch on them in 3D, and Samsung is not expected to have any 3D models in this year's lineup. Lastly, the new 4k Blu-Ray format (for higher definition than high definition!) does not have any provision for 3D - not very promising.
According to data from the NPD Group, 3D TVs have accounted for a diminishing share of US flat-panel TV sales every year since 2012, and the same goes for 3D-compatible Blu-ray players compared with 2D-only models. 3D TVs fell from 23 percent to 16 percent in that period, and 3D players from 40 percent to 25 percent.

We are not amused!

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