A Sorry Tale Of No UPS

Our son called the other evening, distraught that his beloved PlayStation 4 had succumbed to some kind of power interruption and would not complete it's boot process. While he has insurance on the device, it still leaves him upset and gameless till he can take the device in for repair or replacement.

When I asked if he used a UPS or a surge protector for his game console, he sheepishly said no, but he had thought of getting one. Most computer equipment can benefit immensely from being attached to a grounded (3 pin) electrical outlet via a surge protector or a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Yeah, that's the ticket!
A surge protector is designed to avoid power surges or spikes from the electric grid reaching your computer or game console. A UPS does that and also provides an additional few minutes of battery power, where you can shut the device down properly in the event of a power outage.

A UPS will also avoid the computer device being subject to "brown outs" (where the electric grid voltage drops significantly for a short period) and from those "false start"  sessions one sometimes sees during a power outage. That's where the power goes out, starts to come back on, then goes out again - maybe several times in a row. Computers really don't like that, trust me.

My suggestion would be to get a decent quality surge protector for your big screen TV, and a UPS for any desktop computer or gaming consoles you may own. A laptop or notebook, while they have their own internal battery, can still benefit from having their power adapter connected to a surge protector.

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