Free Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware Vaccine *updated*

If you follow the technology side of the news at all, ransomware seems to be going crazy at this time with both individuals and larger organizations like hospitals being hit by this type of debilitating malware.

Ransomware "works" by encrypting (scrambling and rendering useless) the data on your computer. You can only fix it by paying a cash ransom to the virus makers, or by wiping out and reloading your computer and restoring your data from a backup.

You do have a recent backup of some kind, don't you?

Bitdefender has released a free "vaccine" against some common types of ransomware for Windows PC users. You can install it alongside an existing antivirus, and it should offer protection against the current versions of the more common ransomware strains, namely Locky, TeslaCrypt or CTB-Locker.

It's an interesting product, and even though of limited use (both in terms of the scope of the actual protection and the fact that it will probably become ineffective pretty quickly in the real world), it's probably a good thing to have - just don't let it lull you into being less careful than you normally would be.

*update* I noticed the other day that this product does in fact get updated periodically, so that's better news for the efficacy in the longer term.

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