Grist For The Political Mill

I am not a political animal by nature, but of course at this time it's hard not to be aware of what's going on in the US Presidential campaign. The one thing that has really been brought home this year is the fact that the so-called party bosses are alive and well, and not figments of the fevered imaginations of consipracy theorists.

One only needs to take even a cursory look at the shenanigans on both sides to attempt to squelch the campaigns of "outsiders" Bernie Sanders, and perhaps even more gratuitously, Donald Trump (regardless of your opinion of either candidate). One can almost smell the stick form those smoke-filled rooms of legend.

Both the Democrat and Republican "establishment" are moving quickly to do all they can to steer the nomination to the desired conclusion for each side, with superdelegates and proposed brokered conventions - and the popular votes be damned.

Disgraceful and unfortunately, predictable.

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