Microsoft Surface Pro Book - It's Pretty!

A colleague at work got a Surface Pro Book, and I helped with a little bit of the initial setup. This is most assuredly not a review of the product as I used it for maybe 30 minutes, but rather a comment upon how Apple-like the Surface appeared to me.

Image courtesy Geekwire

I am used to setting up iPads, iPhones and so on, as I work on a Helpdesk in real life. Even the packaging for the Surface looked a lot to me like the boxes for the iDevices; white, minimalist, with fitted recesses for different accessories.

It also brought home to me the fact that DVD devices are a thing of the past with modern laptops like these. There were two USB ports and a couple of other ports on the device, that was it. 

It was a very pretty device (again, Apple-like), very slender with a light yet solid feel to it. I am sure this is a conscious decision by Microsoft, in order to compete with this quite expensive device. After all, Apple seems to be able to pretty much charge whatever the want, and few seem to blink at it.

First impressions can mean a lot, and I can see how the good looks of the Microsoft Surface Book could put it in the same strata as the Apple notebooks.

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