Seeing AI App Describes The World

Sometimes you have to live without something to really appreciate it. A blind Microsoft engineer has built a "Seeing AI" that can help visually-impared users navigate their surroundings in a novel way.

The Seeing AI is used with a smartphone and a pair of smartglasses, and can give spoken audio clues as to the physical surroundings.
As a blind person, [engineer Saqib Shaikh] said it can be difficult to determine whether people he's talking to are listening intently or bored to the verge of sleep. But after taking a picture with his sunglasses, he is told that he is talking to a "40-year-old man with a beard, looking surprised," and a "20-year-old woman, looking happy."

"The app can describe the general age and gender of the people around me and what their emotions are, which is incredible," Shaikh said.

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