You Still Need Real Dollars To Pay For Virtual Reality Game Hardware

When you hear about the Oculus Rift 3D VR headset finally being available for sale at around $600 in the US, that does not sound too bad - except that it's only part of what you actually need to play immersive 3D games; you also need a very substantial PC as well, in order to "pump out the pixels". 

So probably figure another grand or so on top of that, unless you are already rocking a nice gaming PC - which to be honest, a good number of prospective VR gamers may already have. 

If you stop to think, the computer hardware has to push out TWO different sets of high-resolution images (one for your left eye, one for the right) for each frame that is shown on the VR headset, and do it at a high rate in order to provide a smooth display.

When Sony announced their PlayStation VR hardware in late 2015, they indicated it would ship for around $400 - considerably less than the Oculus. Turns out , it will actually be around $500 in the US, with all the little bits and bobs you actually need get things going "out of the box". Oh, and you also need a PlayStation 4, of course...

The thing is, even being a stingy old soul I suspect the modern VR experience will probably be worth it.

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