Computer Disk Drives - Not If But When

I say it in my blogs a fair bit - computing devices will break (not may break) and you need to have backups of important stuff. I just lost the second drive on our Windows home PC tonight, so it drove that point home to me again - even though I see this in my day job, it's that much more meaningful when it's your data that just went away.
He's dead, Jim...
Yes, I have backups, and it's relatively trivial to replace the failed drive. It was really just a data drive and the main system drive is a newer SSD in any case. It just impressed upon me the need to try and reiterate the importance of having backups as a remedy for when things go south. 

Interestingly, this hard drive just failed with really no warning - which they will sometimes do. It was about 5 years old, so in that respect that's not too unexpected or bizarre. Sometimes they will give warning signs such as noise, or very sluggish operation; sometimes not.

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