Dog Facebook

No, it's not another "branching out" by Mr. Zuckerberg. Dogs have had quite a relationship with newspapers over the years; strategically-placed newspapers can aid in puppy training, and some of us (boo, hiss!) might use rolled-up newspapers to administer rough justice during times of disobedience.

It occurred to me while walking our two dogs that the stopping-sniffing-marking regimen may actually be a lot like a dog newspaper. Upon closer consideration, I thought no, it's really more like Dog Facebook. They can make "posts", like a "post" from another dog, and for all I know even comment upon it.

We know some people who get cranky when they can't get to Facebook for a while, so I expect that's why our dogs want to go for walkies all the time - they just want to get their social media fix.

Time for Facebook??

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