Legal Challenges To Disallowing Ad Blocking Software In European Union

There is no doubt that intrusive ads can be a major pain when visiting some websites. I have ads on my blogger site, but only a couple of static images; no pop-ups, obtrusive animations etc. 

The ads can be so bad that a growing number of people are using ad blocking software, in order to surf meaningfully. Unfortunately, many web sites derive large amounts of their revenues from ads, and some are "fighting back" by disallowing access until ad blockers are turned off.

Not so fast says the EU. European laws require that sites must state their privacy policy and use of cookies when you visit them. The laws would also require that you give your permission to site xyz before it checks to see if you have an ad blocker.
Of course, while waiting for that consent from a visitor, the site could refuse to show anything, but then the publisher will scare off all readers, even the ones who turn out to be not running anti-ad plugins. If the page is viewable while waiting for the consent, then blocking ad-blockers is pointless.


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