Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS Arrives

Ubuntu Linux, now 12 years old, has delivered it's latest edition - version 16.04 LTS Edition. The LTS stands for Long Term Support, and it's just what the name implies - this version of Ubuntu will receive support for the next 5 years (security and other patches). Linux is an operating system alternative to Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X.

Screenshot courtesy Ubuntumaniac - click to enlarge

Ubuntu is interesting for several reasons, among which are the fact that a lot of other Linux "distributions" (flavors of Linux) are based upon Ubuntu, and use Ubuntu repositories. The repositories are the locations where the underlying patches and software updates reside, so other versions of Ubuntu-based Linux (like Mint or Zorin) that use 16.04 as their base will also be supported long term.
Ubuntu 16.04 was released today, and with it comes a ton of improvements throughout the distro. There are many changes that improve the usability and experience for the end user as well as potential landmark changes that might pique the interest of even the most skeptical of developers.

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