AT&T Now Capping U-Verse Broadband

AT&T is now enforcing data caps on U-Verse broadband connections, following in Comcast's footsteps. Data caps mean that if you use more than a preset limit of data downloads in a  billing month, you will pay extra. Either that or pay an additional monthly charge to remain "un-capped" ($30 in this case).

My cynical self would assume this is a move to dissuade consumers from "cutting the cord" and streaming their entertainment instead of paying for the offered packages. There are no real technical reasons why cable providers need to implement caps; you either buy what they are selling, or you pay more.
 "We want to continue providing a great experience for our Internet customers so we’re giving U-verse Internet customers more choices," is as close as AT&T gets in offering a justification for this latest move.
Impacted customers can find more detail on the changes in this AT&T blog post, or commiserate with fellow customers in our AT&T U-Verse or AT&T DSL forums.
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