It's Good To Be Jeff Bezos

If you, like probably many of us, worry over your mortgage payments or the state your retirement nest egg, then it might be nice to be Jeff Bezos. The Amazon CEO just sold a wee bit of his Amazon stock (around 1% of his stake) - and got almost $700 million for it. He also sold some last year and got about $500 million for that, so he's not hurting for cash these days.

My life experience does not allow me to conceive of having that kind of money, but it must be comforting to know you are never going to be strapped for cash.
This sale comes after Amazon reported a stellar first quarter last week. The company had a huge beat across the board, and the stock shot up 12% in after-hours trading. Amazon grew profitability, its Amazon Web Services arm, and its international business. And Wall Street loved it, as evidenced by gushing analysts notes in the aftermath.
Business Insider

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