More Windows 10 Ham-Handed Upgrade Efforts By Microsoft

As the free upgrade offer for Windows 10 winds down (it ends July 31st), Microsoft seems to be intent on alienating future or repeat customers with their heavy-handed efforts to encourage Windows 7 and 8 users to get on board.

What should have been perceived as a generous offer has become (for more than a few users) an annoying and repetitive "game" with Microsoft seemingly trying to almost trick or strong-arm current Windows users into accepting the upgrade.

Apart from a constant dribble of (usually irritated) users saying they stepped up to their computer, to find in in the process of updating to Windows 10 "by itself", the latest move is a notice that "Your Windows 10 update has been scheduled...". 

Annoyingly, just clicking the "X" at the top right to close the dialog does not cancel the scheduled update. I understand Microsoft's desire to get everyone on board, but this is a bit shoddy.
Instead of simply giving you the option to install its latest operating system (or not), Microsoft now automatically schedules a date and time to update your PC to Windows 10. If you don't want the software update or if you want to change the installation date, you have to take deliberate action: manually click a link in the message, then choose to reschedule it or cancel it altogether.

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