A Meaty-Tasting Meatless Burger At Last?

Apparently, it has now been decided by those who decide such things that eating meat products is horrible for the environment and not just for the animals who give up their lives in the process. So, the hunt is on for some kind of palatable replacement for meat - beef, chicken, pork, etc.

Already, we have synthetic meal replacement drinks, but who wants a smoothie when you crave a burger? Current vegan burger products may taste fine, but they usually don't actually taste like a burger.

Maybe someday in the future "eating a burger" will just be a quaint historical footnote, but in much of the Western world people still eat meat as a substantial part of their diet, and in many lands burgers are a big part of that.

It sounds like we may finally have something that does indeed fill the position of a meatless burger. Yes, Impossible Food's meatless burger it's plant-based, but includes a molecule named "heme" which imbues it with a meaty character.

Not sure what that mystery molecule is, hopefully we will find out at some point.  

Personally, if I can eat something that looks and tastes like a burger, costs about the same, and is not chock full of genetically-manipulated weirdness, I am all in. There is no perverse need for a cow to have been raised and killed to supply the meat for me.

The team is testing it with different chefs and in small venues across the US, with the goal of shipping the product by the end of the year. At first, Impossible Foods will sell its meat for roughly the same price as organic beef, but [company founder] Brown expects that in "a couple of years" the company will be able to sell it at a price that's on par with normal supermarket ground beef.
Business Insider

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