My Music Confession

I have a confession to make, and for some reason it makes me feel almost guilty.

I like music. I do. I even used to make music as a younger guy. 

However, I confess I do not understand how or why so many people apparently obsess over music, to the point where they have multiple gigabytes of music on their phone or other device, and/or subscribe to additional music services, usually at $10 per month each.

I realize I am a skinflint, but it's not just that. I don't believe there are enough hours in the day to actually enjoy all that music. How can there be?

I also realize I am almost completely indifferent to most contemporary music. I don't actively dislike the majority of it, I just don't care about it. There will be the occasional "catchy" one that sticks in my head, but other than that, er, no.

I get my music from the radio, or occasionally from YouTube, or the free version of Pandora, Spotify, etc, if  want something more specific. I am most definitely not going to dash out to get some expensive Beats headphones and start filling up on 99 cent songs from Apple or whomever

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