There's An App For That? Barometric Pressure

Instead of relying on your aching knee to forecast the weather, why not use a Barometer app for your smartphone? Of course, you could follow the crowd and just rely on the weather forecast, but where's the fun in that?

I actually did not realize until today that several smartphones already have the ability to sense air pressure, and can therefore use a Barometer app (actually the Moto G model I have does not have that feature, but that's just me being cheap).

The Barometer, or air pressure meter, is still used to observe rising and falling air pressure and is one of the tools used by back yard weather watchers.
Most people like to get altitude readings for when they’re hiking, or simply out of curiosity, such as when going from place to place. The barometric pressure reading on the other hand, will typically appeal to anyone into DIY weather-forecasting.
HowToGeek shows how the feature can be used.

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