Why Is Cancer So Hard To Stop?

Cancer is one of those words that is filled with dread and fear to those who get a diagnosis, or even when the doctor suggest testing for some form of cancer. While big strides have been made in some areas, most forms of cancer are still a daunting diagnosis. 

Why is that? With the vast amounts of time and money that has been spent of research and treatments, why does it still seem to be such a curse upon us?

One theory being offered by two Bulgarian scientists is that cancer in general may be a built-in "fail safe" mechanism that acts as a sort of last ditch effort to avoid passing on damaged DNA.

It sounds creepy and depressing and perhaps even offensive is some regards, but the thinking seems to be is that if old age and death is a way to "make room" for the next generation, then cancer may be a somewhat similar - although certainly drastic - method of clearing away defective DNA from the gene pool.

Of course, this is not to infer that unworthy or flawed people get cancer; if the theory is valid, this is all working on a cellular level. If this line of thinking is correct, it may help devise future treatments by using a different approach than before.

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