DroneDefender - A Shoulder-Mounted Anti-Drone Weapon

The US military appears to have access to a drone-zapping "gun", to aid them in disabling drones sent by the bad guys. Yes, ISIS has drones too. These drones are generally smaller, consumer-type drones that may be used for surveillance or delivering small amounts of explosives. They are are hard to detect and to shoot down, even at close range, but the Batelle DroneDefender can interrupt their control signals and cause them to lose control.
DroneDefender has a range of “several hundred meters,” but it’s made much more effective when it is teamed with an Israeli-made radar, the Army source said. The radar system consists of two, 40-pound components and can be carried in two mountain rucksacks. When assembled, it provides 360-degree radar, detecting drones from “several kilometers” away, the source said.


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