For Some, A Decline In Major Diseases

I don't know what to make of this, and apparently neither do those observing and reporting on it. Apparently, major diseases are in decline - in wealthy countries - and it seems to be an effect beyond what is expected from improved screening, better treatments, etc.

Good news if true, but I tend to take this kind of stuff with a large pinch of salt - I think we all realize you can make numbers do pretty much anything you like, if massaged the right way. No less than the New York Times seems to think it's a story, though...

Of course, these diseases are far from gone. They still cause enormous suffering and kill millions each year. 
But it looks as if people in the United States and some other wealthy countries are, unexpectedly, starting to beat back the diseases of aging. The leading killers are still the leading killers — cancer, heart disease, stroke — but they are occurring later in life, and people in general are living longer in good health.
New York Times 

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