Social Media Fatigue Is Setting In For Me

Yes, it's sometimes tough being on social media (particularly Facebook, in my case) when you find that a good number of your social media friends - even some actual friends - forcefully (and usually nastily) spout points of view diametrically opposed to what you personally believe.


It seems to be at it's peak during this election season, where one is called out as a "moron" or "retard" or much, much worse for believing such and such a position, or preferring candidate xyz. I make a conscious effort not to bring my political beliefs under public scrutiny (at work or online), but it's still unsettling to experience the hostility when folk feel "safe" making general pronouncements to their followers.

I am already sick of it, when all I really do is post occasional photos of our dogs doing cute things, or make bad puns. I fully anticipate taking a break for a couple of months around the Presidential elections, as I'm sure the atmosphere will be simply unbearable.

Don't get me wrong, people should be able to say whatever they want - and I don't mind jokes, if they are actually funny. It's still a free country, at least in principal, but to read some of the vile things being said about candidates and their supporters makes using what should essentially be an entertaining product seem like a tiresome chore.

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