Weekly Round-Up July 29

Once a week, I try to bring you a small selection of links to items of interest that caught my eye since the last update; something for you to chew on over the weekend.

Removing Windows 10 default apps isn't easy, CCleaner can help

Flaws in wireless keyboards let hackers snoop on everything you type

Solar Dogger sears your sausage with the sun - ouch, sounds painful

Man planning to sue after arrest for "meth" that was actually Krispy Kreme

Teal pushes drone speed limit

Nobel economist calls Apple's tax arrangement "fraud"

How to easily boost your cell phone signal at home

How to compensate for color blindness in iOS 10

1 comment :

John D Carmack said...

You seriously would think that cops would know what comes on donuts. Just sayin'!

Got bad news for you. It doesn't have to be a wireless keyboard in order for someone to snoop on you, and it isn't even a new idea.