What Is "Pokémon Go" Anyway?

What is Pokémon Go - other than a massive shot in the arm for Nintendo stocks? It's an "augemented reality" game based upon the Pokémon characters (little imaginary creatures one can "train" and battle with). The smartphone app places the Pokémon characters in the real world, and although the game received mixed critical reviews, it's extremely popular at it's launch.

The game is a variation on the concept of "geocaching" where objects (or Pokémon in this case) are found utilizing the GPS functions in smartphones. It has also, unfortunately, led to some enterprising bad guys luring players to remote locations - and robbing them. Not so much fun.
Think Gaming, a data analysis and prediction company focused on mobile games, estimates that the game is raking in $1.6 million per day.

image courtesy Techcrunch

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