Civilization Mostly Doesn't Seem So Civil

I tend to bumble along through life, without a great deal of philosophical pondering - as readers of my blogs will quickly realize. However, five years or so on Facebook and a couple on Twitter has forced even me to realize just how tribal we still are, even after thousands of years of "civilization".

There is still an incredibly strong instinct to band together with like-minded people, and we seldom see changes of affiliation. We clump together racially, politically, religiously, and on and on. 

While we will affirm the notion of a Brotherhood of Man, it seems a distant dream much of the time. We see flashes of camaraderie in times of great need - such as national disasters - but that fades quickly enough. Remember our politicians working together after 9/11? For a little while, anyway...

We hear that debate is healthy, and yet we are beginning to set apart those who disagree with the opinion du jour as purveyors of hatred and intolerance. On social media, the discourse is more akin to middle schoolers yelling at each other from opposite sides of the school yard, trying out new pejoratives.

Maybe I just find myself a member of a kaleidoscope of spoiled brats? I like to think not, but I don't know sometimes...

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