Google Hearts Scottish Accents

Google wants Scottish people with thick accents to improve voice recognition in Google products - or at least they appear to be doing so through a third party. They are offering cash (always a good move) for Scots to record a bunch of phrases, presumably to "train" voice recognition software.

In Scotland, we speak mostly English, but with an accent that can easily throw off something like voice recognition software (see the satirical video below). It should also be mentioned that although Scotland is only about the size of Ohio, and has only around 6 million people, there is a pretty wide range of accents, from mild "lowland" accents to lilting "highland" accents to the patois of Glasgow - which can be particularly baffling to non-Scots.

I should point out that even though I was born and lived in Scotland till I was in my mid-twenties, I usually don't have problems with Google - although my accent sounds quite a bit different than when I "got off the boat" (747, actually) back in the early 1980's.


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